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People & Cityscape Workshop [Oslo]

Do you want to learn more about how to engage people, show city life and urban landscapes through photographs? We offer this workshop to inspire you and share our insights, experience and techniques within street portraiture and cityscape photography – and our aim is to give your confidence a boost and to inspire you when working in urban contexts. During this three day workshop we will give lectures, walk around together with you, give individual tuition – and give image critique from the material you create. This fascinating, insightful photography event will take place in Oslo on June 23rd–26th 2022.
Photographers – amateurs and professionals alike – are invited to join this street photography experience in Oslo. We will work hard from early morning until late in the evening to help you improve your photographic vision and skills.
The workshop targets photographers that are passionate about people and the environment in which they live, work and shop and what might occur on a day to day basis, but the approaches and the way we work may deviate from what is usually thought of as “street photography”. We will definitely photograph in the streets of Oslo, but, we are not the typical candid photographers who spy on people with our cameras and long lenses. Keith is very fond of street portrait photography, he has a unique skill in connecting to and communicating with people he meets on the streets often getting up close and personal, so this will be a key component in this workshop.

Bjørn´s approach is to emphasize the relation between the urban landscape and its inhabitants. He does not always go very close (but sometimes, yes) – he always tries to include buildings and infrastructure in his photographs – and all human life, the light and the shadows that unfolds in between.

You can use any camera you like during the workshop, digital or analog. You will learn how to prepare, observe, see, think, move and decide which shot to take when photographing in the streets, whether that be people or the urban landscape. So you don´t need to click hundreds of images during a work session. We will inspire and guide you to shoot images with a more conscious attitude, taking time to think about what you want to achieve with your image, but at the same time being more decisive about what you want to say – because we believe this will make you a better photographer – and make your photographs more interesting.
Keith Moss -
Keith Moss
©Bjørn Joachimsen -
©Bjørn Joachimsen
©Bjørn Joachimsen -
©Bjørn Joachimsen

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