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Skap din egen fotobok

Drømmer du om å lage din egen fotobok er dette workshopen for deg. I samarbeid med Nicholas McLean, grunnleggeren av fotobokforlaget Éditions du LIC ønsker vi velkommen til en ukelang intensiv workshop. Hvordan lage fotobøker fra idé til produksjon med veiledning i konseptutvikling, kuratering, rekkefølge, lay-out, design og produksjon.
Blueberry Photography´s new photobook workshop is all about the creation of photobooks, from ideation to production and beyond. Consisting of a week-long intensive workshop, the course will cover the various contemporary publishing models, from indie zines to high quality luxury editions and from traditional photography books to avant-garde photobooks that push the boundaries of the publishing medium.

The course mentor will work in close collaboration with the participants to create a book from one of their own photo projects and will cover each of the essential steps of the publishing process. Topics covered in detail include; concept ideation, image curation, sequencing, layout, design, materials, binding techniques as well as essential aspects of printing, production, distribution and marketing. This photobook workshop is designed for all photographers with a completed photo project (i.e. photography has been completed by the time the course begins) and provides an ideal opportunity to test different book editing approaches before committing to print. Participants will leave the workshop with a print-ready book with which to approach book publishers or use to raise funding for self-publishing.
The workshop is strictly limited to 12 participants.

How does it work?

Presented and hosted by Blueberry Photography, the workshop will be led by Nicholas McLean, founder of the independent photobook publisher Éditions du LIC. Nicholas has previously run several successful photobook workshops and Mentor Programs in Norway in collaboration with various partners including Bilder Nordic, Fotokunstskole and Fotogalleriet. Following a formal education in Fine Art & History of Art, Nicholas enjoyed a highly successful career in marketing and communication in London, New York, Tokyo, Stockholm and Oslo and had the privilege of working with some of the world’s leading brands (Absolut, Adidas, Apple, BMW, HSBC and Nissan to name a few). He gained a reputation for being one of life's rare hybrid-thinkers able to combine visionary creative ideation with rigorous strategic analysis, skilled at both strategic thinking and operational execution combined with extensive design experience.

Éditions du LIC is an independent publisher specializing in the creation of provocative contemporary titles by emerging and established avant-garde photographers. Founded in 2012, Éditions du LIC operates as a collective, bringing together photographers, designers and writers to produce limited edition artist books. With over 30 titles published so far, books by Éditions du LIC are regularly exhibited at major international photography events and sold in leading bookshops, galleries and museums around the world. Alumni of previous workshops and mentor programs led by Nicholas McLean are too numerous to list in full, but some of note include the following artists (together with the books they created during a workshop)

45 by Damian Heinisch
Residence of Impermanence by Christian Houge
The Picture of the Yellow Sun by Lisbeth Johansen
Traces of Tracking by Christian Andre Strand
Born Free by Una Hunderi

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